National HIV/STI/TB Programme

Government of Jamaica 

IEC Materials

Reason Wid Uself – 2009

This female brochure explores the risk associated with having sex for money or things. These risks include contracting a sexually transmitted infection or HIV.


Real Big Man – 2009

Small and handy (with a condom inside), this material explores the pros of being a REAL big man by wearing a condom every time.


Pinch Leave an Inch and Roll – 2008

The PLR brochure is small and convenient to carry. It emphasizes the easy, new steps to put on a condom, Pinch, Leave an Inch & Roll.


Ann Gets tested for HIV – 2007

Ann Gets Tested for HIV is explores the reasons sexually active individuals should get tested for HIV.

Even more significant, the brochure points directly to Ann who has unprotected or “skin to skin” sex; thereby putting herself at risk.

Even though her body feels and looks healthy, HIV can live in the body for years without showing up physically. This is the reason you cannot tell if someone is HIV+ by looking.

Are you just like Ann? Are you having sex without a condom? If you are, stop now and get tested for HIV today. A number of private, public and support agencies in both rural and urban areas where an HIV test can be done, are listed in this brochure.


Rude Boy Wayne – 2007

Rude Boy Wayne presents a scenario in which the female is victimized by an older, more experienced man. In essence, Rude Boy Wayne provides another side to Hot Girl Mackiesha that depicts a male as the villain.

As the story goes, a 14 year old school girl was attracted to Wayne who is a 25 year old, out of school “hot bwoy”. The main female character, Brittney, was impressed with his car, money, the smell of his cologne but not the rough, unprotected sex that left her with genital herpes.


Living Positive With HIV – 2006

This booklet helps people to understand how HIV attacks the body and what can be done to slow down the attack so that you can stay healthy for a long time. If you adhere to your medication, exercise and eat right you can live longer. Also, HIV+ persons are encouraged to share their life, not HIV. They are also encouraged to join support groups. Having a goal is a reason to stay alive. Even with HIV, you can enjoy your life and stay healthy for a long time.


Let’s Talk About STIs – 2006

This 16 page, low literacy brochure gives an overview of sexually transmitted infections; employing the use of graphics that accurately demonstrates what the text represents. This brochure describes different types of STIs, specifically STIs that cause sores and discharge. Also, information is provided on the main ones transmitted in Jamaica as well as steps to take if think you maybe infected.


Hot Girl Mackiesha – 2005

Adrian is a fourteen year-old who is about to lose his virginity to a fifteen year old, hot girl, Mackiesha. Adrian socializes with an older guy by the name of Ralston who tries to bring him into the “game”. Adrian meets Mackiesha at a dance and she “flings” it up on him; turning him on. They want each other, can hardly wait and so they go outside where Adrian loses his virginity under a Mango tree.

Hot girl Mackiesha presents a classical case of a virgin male who has unprotected sex with a female and catches a sexually transmitted infection (STI). In this case, Mackiesha was unaware of her STI status. This is because there were no visible signs or symptoms. However, it could have been worse; Adrian could have contracted HIV but he didn’t. Therefore, use a condom EVERYTIME!