National HIV/STI/TB Programme

Government of Jamaica 

NHP Sub Recipients

University of the West Indies HIV/AIDS Response Programme (UWI HARP)

The University of the West Indies HIV/AIDS Response Programme (UWI HARP) was established in August 2001 to provide research and capacity building services to the University community, and the Caribbean as it pertains to HIV/AIDS. Since its inception, UWI HARP has grown as an umbrella organization, and has gained recognition in the regional response, as a partner agency within PANCAP. Read more.


University of the West Indies Health Centre

Findings of risk assessment studies on The University of the West Indies’ student population indicated the need for an intervention programme to engage the community in HIV/STI risk reduction strategies as well as related health policies. This need brought about the launch of The University Health Centre’s Sexual Safety Initiative on October 4, 2007. Read more.


Jamaica Red Cross

Over the past 20 years, the Jamaica Red Cross has executed various programmes locally and regionally to arrest and mitigate the impact of HIV and AIDS. The Jamaica Red Cross is a part of the International Red Cross Movement consisting of over 186 national societies across the globe. Read more.


Sustaining Life Through HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control

Unfortunately, persons with disabilities are left out of the many initiatives by both government and the non-government organisations (NGO), to educate the population on the HIV/AIDS virus.

This exclusion was often due to a lack of knowledge on the part of programme developers about the specific needs of these persons. Read more.